…Echoes in your head (part II)

So the doc says I have “working man’s hearing loss.” Which is funny, because I haven’t worked a single day in an environment that would normally warrant the title, “working man.” I mean…my fingertips are pretty tough from hitting the keyboard all the time. And the “N” key on my keyboard at home is all worn off because, apparently, that’s a popular letter where I come from.

Anyway. Normal hearing loss, but fancy new earplugs were prescribed. They’re red and yellow and they keep my ear safe from those nasty low frequencies that wreak so much havoc throughout the ear.

On a side note, I apparently also have a partially deviated septum and…swear to God…an abnormally long epiglottis. I’m considering a partial epiglottioplasty…but only so I can keep saying that word.*

* A word which I just made up…