Brand new day…brand new website

If you can see this post, then you’re probably looking at the newly redesigned website for OFB. I hope you’re as excited as I am, although I’m sure you are not.

The features of this version are largely the same as the last version. There’s the calendarphotos and videos of the band. You can still buy our CDs online and now you can listen to entire songs from our CDs here as well. There’s links to all our social media sites on the right side there. And there’s an opportunity to get on our email list on almost every page on the site.

The biggest change is the blog…which you’re reading right now. So far, it’s all me, but Danny and Tony are also authors, so you may occasionally see posts from them.

Enjoy the new videos and songs. Buy a CD or two if you haven’t already. And by all means check out the calendar and come find us.  There’s good stuff coming up

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