March is Sergio Fuerte Month

Some holidays are newer than others…

Last night, at the jam, Danny declared March to be Sergio Fuerte Month. I don’t know how widely celebrated this will be.  I don’t even really know how it will be celebrated at all. I imagine that it will involve tight pants and salsa (the delicious condiment…not the sexy dance).

Sergio Fuerte, for those of you who weren’t at The 411 Club on Thursday, is an apparition.  He’s totally obscure, yet completely unforgettable. He’s the one-hit wonder from 2001 that you can’t really remember, but it’s tattooed on your brain nonetheless. He’s a figment of imagination. He’s…well…he’s just Sergio.

Sergio stands for many things…most of them illegal. Of the things for which he stands that we can mention here on the Internets, the biggest are Honduran cigars and Dominican rum. He’s very specific about those things. He stands for fun…which mostly happens because of the Dominican rum. Ladies, you’ll be happy to know that he stands for love…like any semi-respectable Latin lover would.

Oddly enough, he also stands for Taco Bell soft tacos at 3 a.m. He’s a mystery…

So come on out and celebrate Sergio Fuerte Month with OFB all month this March. This weekend, we’ll share stories like the one about how Sergio ate 32 crawfish at the first Gumbo Cookoff. In a few weeks, Tab Benoit can tell you about the time that he took Sergio parasailing through the Bayou behind his air boat.

[Sigh] Good times…good times…..

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