The summer is starting to heat up

It’s shaping up to be another glorious summer here at OFB headquarters.  The regular summer shows are coming up and there’s more on the way.

We’ve got the summer kickoff – the Vicksburg H.S. teacher end-of-year party. Those teachers get a little nutty when the final bell rings. There’s the UKC Dog Show later in June. We play as everyone’s settling in for the weekend. If you’re a dog-lover, it’s a fun event for the family. We just booked a slot on Father’s Day at the Ft. Wayne BBQ Rib Festival. We’ve got private parties, the Vibe @ 5 in Battle Creek, and The Return of the Great Hawg Roast over on the east side of the state.

A while ago, I talked about looking forward to the night with Tab Benoit. This is different than that because it’s all us. It’s about looking forward to spending a lot of time with four guys who I like very much and have a great amount of respect for as musicians. We get to play our own music…our own way…and we get to do it a lot in the summer.

For two of the guys who are high school teachers, summer’s maybe a bigger deal because it’s a ten week break from the grind. It’s not that for me. If anything, the grind is harder for me because it’s easier for them. (That makes sense if you come watch us on a Thursday night during the summer. The number of drinks always seems to increase for everyone…not just those who have the day off on Friday.)

But it’s still more playing. It’s spending more time on stage with a guitar in hand. And whether or not you have to work the next day…I don’t think it gets much better than that.

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