Show me some of that bread

So this is another busy weekend for the OFBs.

Of course, the weekend starts tonight with the Thursday Blues Jam at The 411 Club ( Metro Kalamazoo’s finest blues musicians coming together to produce music that’s always new, usually good, sometimes really special, and always fun.

On Friday, we get to rest up for what follows.

Saturday, we have a private party. A wedding in Portage. There’s nothing more special that watching people declare their undying love for one another…and then throwing down to a little “Good Booty and Barbecue.” Touching… But it will be fun. Plus…it’s at the Celery Flats and I think the building is haunted. Or at least…that’s what I heard. Or at least…that’s what I’ve been telling the band to get them all spooked up.

Sunday is going to be awesome. First of all, we’re playing at Bell’s. Which, for some reason, is a rarity for this band. This will be the second time we’ve played there. And…we’re playing for free!

It’s a fundraiser for the Sarkozy Bakery. Maybe you remember what happened back in February. It was a big deal. This place had become a Kalamazoo institution. And now, they hope to do that again.

We usually play a couple of fundraisers each year. This one is different. It’s not for a non-profit organization. It’s not for a festival. It’s not for a new lung or a new pancreas for someone. But it’s for the community. It’s for a local employer. It’s for a producer of a local product that is beloved by local people.

I think that might mean that just by participating in this event, we’re doing more for the local economy than either presidential candidate can boast.

Anyway. Between our bipartisan bread braggery and our thirsty Thursday jammifications…this is shaping up to be a busy weekend.

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