New Release – It All Comes Back

The It All Comes Back EP is our fourth recording, our third studio effort, and it’s full of songs we’re proud of and excited to have out there.

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over-3We started recording it way back in 2008 or 2009. This wound up being a very busy time for us, individually. A couple of us got married. A couple of us had kids. And life just sort of got in the way of recording.

It happens.

It was during these sessions, though, that we had an idea about recording a night at The 411 Club in Kalamazoo. We figured we’d get one or two live tracks to add to the end of this group of studio recordings.

Well that night of recording turned into its own double-live CD, 7.18.9.

So after releasing the live CD, enjoying life, getting kids out of diapers, Mike Roche at Broadside Productions contacted us to remind us that we had seven songs taking up his storage space. Ha.

So finally, in late 2015, we got back into his studio to dust off these songs. We added fiddles and trombones and trumpets and accordions. And on a couple of songs, my God, did we add saxophones. I could write a whole other article about the night Tony wanted to punch me in the nose because I sort of made him record ten sax tracks on one song.

In 2016, we made a couple of trips to Chicago to work with Pete Galanis at 3011 Studios. We re-recorded a few tracks and added a few little things to complete these songs and we’re very happy with the final product.

It’s funny, though, listening and playing these “old songs” today. Some of the lyrics come from a pretty dark place. Actually, a really dark place. They were written as part of some sort of creative therapy. And it feels like I’m very far removed from that darkness anymore. But it’s sad to think about me being there. Every once in a while, I listen to a lyric and cringe. “Wow, that was me.”

We’re really happy with the way this EP turned out. We decided to release it only digitally, which also feels a little odd. We’ll print up some CDs eventually. But for now, most of our sales have been downloads so we’re going to run with that for a while.

I hope you enjoy the songs. Thanks for reading. Thanks for listening.

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