New year…same old OFB

Danny quietly mocks the notion, but I think the turning of the calendar presents a good opportunity to look back and look ahead. I agree that it shouldn’t be the only time we look back or ahead…but it’s a good opportunity, nonetheless.

So as we enter 2012, I wanted to think about all the good things that happened to the band this year. Of course, there was the Thursday Blues Jam at the 411 Club. While they weren’t all musically memorable, a lot of good music came out of them.

We played the Kalamazoo Blues Festival and a Mixer on the Mall in 2011. Always nice to play outdoors in downtown Kalamazoo. We also played several outdoor parties and weddings.  Just thinking about it now makes me long for longer days and warmer nights.

Back in March, we got to jam with Tab Benoit at the 411 Club. Definitely a musical highlight for the year.  Besides being a great guitarist (and drummer) and a wonderful performer…Tab is really just an honestly good guy. And when he yells, “Everybody solo!” at the end of the night, only good things happen.

Looking ahead I know we have Thursdays, a night with Tab Benoit, a night at the State Theatre.  I know we’ll be returning to the great Hawg Roast party on the east side of the state.  The rest is undecided, but I know it’s all going to be good.

Joel Krauss

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