Pre-jam chatter

So tomorrow night is another Thursday Blues Jam at the 411 Club. It’s just about like any other gig, to a certain extent. Every once in a while throughout the day today I remembered that tomorrow is Thursday and so we get to play and I got a little excited.

Now it’s not exactly the same as any other gig. On Thursday nights, OFB gets to play a handful of songs to open up the night. And after that, it’s really just a mix of people on stage. That’s never a bad thing. And it’s often a very good thing. But there’s a certain comfort level when it’s just us up there. There’s a feeling that we can call any song and get through it. There’s the knowledge that wherever Brouhard goes, Porter will follow. That sort of thing.

Not that comfort is everything. Sometimes the most magical parts of Thursday nights are not knowing what’s going to happen. There’s always a chance that things are just going to fall apart and come crumbling to a halt. Now that almost never happens…but it has happened before. There’s freedom and a little excitement for the musicians on the stage when it gets all mixed up like that.

Of course, some of the excitement happens off the stage, but I’ll get to all that some other time. For now…I’m going to go decide which guitar to play tomorrow night…

Joel Krauss

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