Let’s get back to work, shall we?

The weather and roads fought us, but we had a good night at the 411 on Friday night anyway. Neither Motor City Josh nor Harper showed up…but that’s cool. With the weather being what it was, I was surprised to see anyone there…let alone those guys. I mean…Harper’s from Australia, which is a long drive from Kalamazoo.  I’m not sure where this Motor City is where Josh lives. Probably Ohio.

Anyway…now we’re back to business. Thursday Night Blues jam this week. We’ve got a date up at Gun Lake Casino coming up. Then the Gumbo Cookoff. Then it’s practically summer and we can really get back to work.*

In the coming weeks watch for an email promotion and a newly redesigned website. Actually, I haven’t asked the guys about the promotion yet, so don’t watch too hard for that. But the website is almost done.

And we’re still in the middle of our third studio CD (which Danny want’s to call Chinese Democracy II in honor of his hero, Izzy Stradlin).

Ok. Gotta run. Until next time…

*I have a similar theory to get myself through the winter. By the time I really feel depressed about the weather, it’s February. February is a short, short month, so it’s not that big a deal. And then…before you know it…it’s March. I tell you, once St. Patty’s Day hits, you can practically smell spring in the air…

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