OFB Rehearsal? Really?

Yes…we rehearsed yesterday. I think we’ve rehearsed 20 times in the life of the band. Not nearly enough, but I’m not sure how to get five guys with busy work and family lives to pull it together during normal waking hours. I know there are bands out there who do it. Good for them, I say.

We started to pull things together for the State Theatre show in March. New tunes. Old tunes we haven’t played in forever. It should be a lot of fun. I mean…we’ll have fun. But we’re opening for Tab Benoit at the State Theater. Who wouldn’t have fun in that situation?

Anyway. We’ll be running some new stuff this weekend at the 411 Club. We’re there on Friday night after the Budweiser Blues Series show at the State Theatre. Maybe Kelly Richey will come down after the show. Maybe she’ll bring the Mississippi Heat. That would be awesome…

Until then…I should get back to work.

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