Peeps: the secret to happiness?

(Warning, this post includes graphic photos of Peep mutilation and may not be suitable for children.)

For some people, it’s true love. For others, it’s rolling around naked in piles of money. For Danny Ouellette, it’s slow blues songs in the key of D.

But T-Bone knows the true secret of happiness. Peeps.

Last night, Tony presented me with the annual gift of Peeps. Somewhere along the line, I must have mentioned that I thought they  were delicious. And every year since then, Tony has made a really big deal about giving me freaking Peeps around Easter time.

This year, it was a whole gift set featuring three boxes of Peeps and an awesome Peep hat that I will likely cherish forever…or until it gets lost. (Has anyone seen it…I don’t know where it is…)

Arguably, the best year for this was when the gifted Peeps were thrown all around Wonderful’s funky basement (sorry, Turk, for making you clean those up). Of course, the ones that weren’t thrown around the basement were stuck to my car in the parking lot.

Sticky Peeps are gross.

This year, because the Peep gifting happened at the same time as Oberon season, one little Peep went on a little adventure around the bar. It didn’t end well for him.

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