OFB on the small screen

We’re proud to announce that Out of Favor Boys has signed a contract with Kalamazoo CBS affiliate WWMT to host a new two-hour “news, current events and music” show on Sunday mornings beginning June 2, 2012.

The show, tentatively titled Good Morning, OFB will be patterned loosely after the successful morning talk show, “The View” but will focus on Michigan news, events and artists. It will air on Sundays after CBS Sunday Morning.

We’re very excited to have been given this opportunity. It’s very exciting for us to get yet another platform from which to promote ourselves and our music, but also to promote Michigan artists and really focus on news coming out of the state.

The basic plan is that we will sit around a coffee table, sip coffee and discuss the week’s news and events.

The show will feature musicians from across Michigan. Obviously, we’ll try to focus on West Michigan music, but there’s so much great music from Detroit that we’ll likely feature quite a bit from there, too.

We’re so excited and we hope you’ll tune in!


For more information or to sign up for our weekly email, visit www.outoffavorboys.com.

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