A nice restful spring

Don’t be fooled by the calendar. I know all you see right now is Thursday Blues Jams. But summer is on its way.

March was so exciting with the Gumbo Cookoff, the State Theatre show and jamming with Tab Benoit. It’s really hard to sustain that sort of schedule here in Kalamazoo, though. I mean…the State Theatre doesn’t want us hanging around there all the time. And Tab…Tab doesn’t even return our calls anymore.

So throughout April, we get to rest and practice and figure some things out for the summer. We’ve got some good things coming up. Summer parties, first of all. We’re making our return to Clinton Twp. with the Great Hawg Roast (semi-private party). I know there are two other parties on our calendar right now. We’re also working on two or three other mystery shows that I’m not at liberty to discuss at this time. (Largely because I don’t know anything about them.)

So anyway. Come enjoy the Blues Jams with us. Enjoy the Tigers games. Enjoy the Red Wings playoffs. The OFB Summer Schedule will be in full effect soon enough. And then, there will be no rest for anybody.

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